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Every time I try to purchase this, I get the following error: "Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later."

I've had no problems paying with PayPal elsewhere, and I've seen lots of posts regarding this error from other people trying to make purchases.

Is there some alternative way I can purchase this collection?

I try fix this issue. Please try again now

I tried again, twice. I can now get a bit further in the payment process, but in the end it still fails. Baffled as to why. I also contacted Support, but no response from them, yet.

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what is your PayPal name / email?  Maybe we should do this Manually

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Hello, i would like to ask you if the moon, rocks and post apocalyptic is also included here in this?

Also what are the license conditions of your pack.

Thank you in advance.

For me Postapocaliptic means sand and rocks, so You find in this pack many similiar soils. For moon You can change color to grayscale and You receive many diferent pallette for moon.

About Lincense. You buy this pack for one Commercial use only, but for many non comercial demos you can use each time. This pack is only or You

I see. Thanks.