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What does this tool do sorry?

You can read text from screen and record using camera in your laptop

Oh is it like for youtube videos for example if I dont want to use my own voice you mean?

yes, its for You Tube videos but, prompter is for people who want to record long speeches, r it displays the text that you read and speak to the camera. The second feature of the prompter is that the text is displayed right under the camera so you cannot see that you are reading the text. Read in google more about prompter / teleprompter to understand. (tip: presidenst use prompter to speech in TV auditions)

so it just shows, a lot of text for example for narrating something or so? could I like load up the entire bible in your prompter and it will go slowly so I read it out? 

"No Ads no micro payments" I'd hope so at this price point!!

Of course it is as described. Kind regards

I would recommend describing what this software actually does if you want sales.

im do this soon