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All plugins and befaviors you find in archive

few examples just need addons to work

You buy bundle of 57 misc capx examples for start making games (rts, rpg, platformers, top down games and many other)

  • flying fairy follow the player
  • minimap
  • harvester
  • jumping top down frog
  • typewriter
  • lift
  • explosion physics
  • throw caps
  • bullet by step example
  • puzzle match
  • grappling hook
  • one hand bandit reel
  • hiscore example
  • platform/topdown lightning mage
  • image carousel
  • angry bird other example topdown/platform
  • platform fall from edges
  • platform climbing rope
  • swimming boxes on ater platform
  • saper game
  • top down turn based ai with multiple player sprites
  • password strenght checker
  • artillery on sea
  • bullet by step2, similiar to c3 example
  • classic commander game
  • get your ip
  • harvester example
  • jump for isometric game
  • example of minimap
  • menu skip cursor between dots on map
  • pang style game
  • plant and harvest vegtable (great example for mobile farm game)
  • move of space invaders
  • platform player with bow
  • destroy terrain like in worms game
  • touch and fill color coloring book
  • find diferences on two photos
  • grappling hook 2
  • platform change tile
  • platform fall under solid
  • throw player / jump with needed strenghth
  • addational companions for side space shooter
  • find diferences on two photos
  • radar minimap
  • scroll map
  • addational companions for side space shooter
  • top down click for movement
  • 'worms' destroy terrain
  • flappy bird 2.5D
  • grab machine
  • iso grid move
  • minimap 3
  • touch, drag drop puzzle from image
  • scaling camera between two far objects
  • side shooter with helpers fleet
  • slide puzzle
  • cannon ball trajectory


    Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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